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How much is it?

All prices are current on the prices page. Arrive & Drive Prices are Cub £1, Cadet £11, Junior £13, PowerMax £15 &Thunderkart £17. Formula One races vary from £45 to £55 per driver. Offers do apply, please see prices page for full details


When are you open?

Our opening time are on the opening times page. Summer hours are Monday to Friday 10-5pm, Saturdays are generally 12-3pm, but please call to confirm. Winter hours are Saturdays only, but please call first. Full details are on the opening times page.


Can I drive with my young son/daughter?

If you have children from 7 to 15 years old using either the Cadet or Junior karts, parents may also use the 200cc junior karts, too allow karting together. Adults may not use the 270cc or 390cc karts with their children


I have not karted before...

Everyone receives a safety briefing before karting. This covers control of the kart, rules, and procedures. Younger children (7-11), have an additional ‘brake test’ in the pit lane prior to starting their session, the first lap for all drivers is a slower ‘pace lap’ to get use to the kart and track. We advise all drivers to get use to the kart and track before attempting to kart at a higher speed.


Do I need to book/Can I book?

Formula one races must be booked in advance. Arrive & Drive sessions do not require booking. If driving some distance, or if arriving close to the end of day we advise telephoning us first to check track availability.


Can I just turn up?

During normal opening hours, yes. Saturdays always phone first to check availability.


Can I wear sandals and shorts

Shorts are ok, as racewear is provided to go over the top, but no open toed /open heeled footwear is permitted. No sandals, flip flops or strappy shoes allowed. Footwear must be shoes/trainers/boots.


What happens when I arrive

Visit reception to sign in. all drivers must complete a blue or white disclaimer form. Once complete take the disclaimer to the main desk, where you can choose which kart and how many sessions you want. You will be issued track pass’s and balaclavas on payment. Once you have your pass’s, visit the changing rooms and find a suit which fits (all labelled), follow the arrows to the appropriate queuing area, join the queue, receive the safety briefing, helmet & kart fit. Enjoy your sessions, once over either rejoin the queue for subsequent sessions or return your suit to the changing rooms and balaclava to reception for your deposit return.


Can I drink alcohol?

No. all alcohol & drugs are banned. If any member of staff deems you under the influence, you will not be permitted to drive.


Are you open Sundays?

We are not permitted to operate on a Sunday, this is due to local council restrictions, and beyond our control.


Can I use a gopro type camera?

Following the MSA ban, and NKA advice, all gopro type cameras are no longer permitted.


How do I get there by public transport?

St Eval kart circuit is not close to either public bus or train routes. Taxi would be the best option.


Can I drive in the evening?

We are not permitted to operate after 6pm, this is due to local council restrictions, and beyond our control.


My son is 6 but has his own kart/bike – can he use the full track?

No. The ages are set by the insurers, and are strictly enforced.


My daughter is 4, do you have a kart she can use?

For 3-6 year old children we operate the Electric infant karts on a separate track. Although these are single seater karts, parents may sit on the back of the kart to provide assistance.


Do you run in the wet?

Yes. If the rain is torrential, we may have to pause to allow flood water to drain from the track. In normal rain condition we continue to kart.


What equipment is provided?

Racesuit, helmet and gloves are all provided. You will also require a balaclava, which can be hired or brought. If hired, a £1 deposit is required (which is returned once the balaclava is returned to us).


I karted last week, do I have to sign in again?

Yes. The disclaimer forms must be completed each day.


I karted yesterday do I have to receive a safety briefing again?

Yes. You must receive the safety briefing each day, but only before the 1st session


Do you offer group/military/locals/student discount?

We do not offer group discount, as every individual driver already has discount offered on the 3rd arrive & drive sessions. We do offer military discount of 10%, a valid military ID must be produced. Periodically we will offer discount schemes to residents of TR and PL postcodes. Please visit our facebook pages to see if scheme currently running.


Can I use my own kart?

No. only our own karts may be permitted on the track.


Do you have a maximum size/weight for the karts?

Our adult karts have fully adjustable pedals and seats. The karts have either XL or 2XL seats. The karts can be adjusted to fit most people. If you are unsure we would advise visiting beforehand to check.


Do you charge for spectators?

No. spectating is completely free


Do you have hot food or drinks?

We serve hot tea & coffee.


I want an exclusive race, but only have 10 drivers – can I pay for 12 drivers?

No, the minimum driver number to run an exclusive race is 12. Without 12 karts on track the race software will not start.


Do you offer timing on the karts?

All adult karts are fitted with timing transponders, you will receive electronic laptimes after each session. Family/children’s karts do not have timing fitted.


Is the ‘Arrive & Drive’ a race?

No, it is a practice session.


I have a bad back – can I still drive?

We would not advise karting with a bad back.


I’m pregnant – can I kart?



Can I wear glasses under my helmet?

Yes, glasses may be worm under the helmets.


Can you pencil me in?

For a Formula One race, we can pencil you in, but no bookings are secure without a deposit. If another group wishes the same time slot, and we are unable to contact you, your ‘penciled in’ booking will be removed. For Arrive & Drive, there is no booking, or pencilling in.


Do you have any twin seater karts?

No, all karts are single seaters


Can the electric karts use the full track?

No. The electric infant karts have their own separate track


Can I drive with my young children using a 270cc or 390cc kart?

No. you may use a junior to drive with your children, but we do not mix the adult 270/390cc karts with the children’s karts due to the speed difference.


My child is very short, will they fit?

We do have different sized karts to allow for variation in size, but if you are unsure we advise visiting prior to karting for a fitting.


Do you have races for children?

No. all children’s sessions are Arrive & Drive.


Do you have floodlights?

No. We are not permitted floodlights, and will close at dusk or 6pm whichever is sooner (call on Saturdays)


Can I arrive at 6pm and kart?

No. we close at 6pm. Last admissions is normally 5pm latest. Saturdays please call for available times.


Will my child be safe on the track?

All children are given a safety briefing, which covers kart operation & control, track rules, flags & procedures. They are given a slower pace lap before the sessions starts. The track is fully marshalled, and we use a remote control system, which is able to slow and turn off the karts remotely. We do everything we can to prevent accidents or incidents, but it is motorsport, and motorsport can be dangerous. Despite our best efforts, accidents may still happen.


How much notice do you need to book a race?

As much notice as possible is required to book a race .as busy times of the year they can be fully booked up to 2 months in advance. It is advised to contact us and check availability as soon as you know your potential dates.


Can I book a F1 race the same day/day before?

No. this does not leave us enough time to advertise the track is booked and unavailable.


My daughter is 16 next week, can she drive an adult kart?

No. The ages are set by the insurers, and are strictly enforced.


Do i need ID to drive the adult karts?

If young looking, and if any doubt, we will require to see photo ID with proof of DoB.


Are dogs ok on site?

All dogs on leads are welcome. If we have reports of any poor behaviour to other animals or people the dog would have to be removed, eg back into the car.


Do you have a play area for young children?

We do not have play frames, but do have large grassed area’s suitable for play.


Are you indoors or outdoors?

The track is all outdoor.


Do you provide waterproofs?

Waterproofs are available, but even wearing them whilst karting, you will still get wet. It is advised to bring a spare change of clothes, if rain is forecast.


I’ve got a race booked, what time do I need to arrive?

All race arrival times are 30 minutes prior to race start time. If you are late you will miss your event.


I’m late for my race, what happens now?

If you arrive after your due time, you will miss your event. We will not hold the race, as that will impact on the next races start time.


I’ve booked a race for 12 drivers but arrive with 9, can I still race?

No. the minimum drivers required for an Exclusive race is 12. The event will not be able to run with less drivers.


I’ve booked a race for 20 drivers, 14 have arrived, can I have my extra deposits back, or extra laps?

No, drivers not present on the day will lose their deposits. A minimum notice period of 14 days prior to race date is required for refund of deposits.


It’s due to rain, will my race go ahead?

Yes, we operate in the rain. If it is torrential, we may have to pause to allow the track to drain, but normal rain is fine.


I have a disability, can I drive?

The best person to make this decision is you. You know your strengths, and limits. If unsure contact us to discuss. Ultimate decision will be made by the race controller or safety briefer.


Is there free parking?

Yes, all parking is free of charge.


Why do I need a balaclava?

Balaclavas are used for hygiene purposes. All balaclavas are washed between use.


Do you have Wheelchair access?



Are there any additional costs?

The karting is the only cost. Balaclavas do have a £1 deposit on them, but this is returned when the balaclava is returned to reception.


Can I use my own helmet and racesuit?

If of sufficient quality, yes. All helmets must be full face, and BS or CE marked, no camera mounts, or modifications permitted. Suits must be full length.


What is your postcode and telephone number?

PL27 7UN, and 01637 860160


Will I be using the full circuit?

All drivers over 7 years old will use the full track.


Can I wear fancy dress/costume?

Fancy dress may be worn after a risk assessment from the race controller/safety briefer.


Do I have to fill in a disclaimer form?

Yes, all drivers must complete the disclaimer form.


What do you do with my information?

Information may be used for marketing purposed by cornwallkarting ltd. No data will be passed onto other bodies.


Can I pay with cash or card?

Yes, we accept cash, and most cards. American Express is not accepted.


Do you offer gift cards?

Yes. Giftcards of any value may be brought from the track, over the phone, or online. All gift cards are valid for 12 months.


Can I pay in advance?

Yes, Giftcards, or debit cards may be used.


Do the 270cc and 390cc karts run together?

Yes, the 270cc PowerMax and 390cc Thunderkarts run at the same time.


Do you offer childrens birthday parties?

Our children’s karting uses the arrive& drive sessions, you may have as many sessions as you wish to purchase.


Do the cadet & juniors run together?

Yes, the cadet and Junior karts run together.


How long do I get?

All Petrol Arrive & Drive sessions are 10 minutes long. You must re-queue between each session.


If I buy 3 sessions , can they run together ie 30 minutes?

No, the sessions are 10 minutes long, and you re-queue between each session.


Do children and adults run at the same time?

If the adults use the 200cc karts, they may kart with the children, but they are not permitted to use the faster adult 270/390cc kart at the same time as the children.


I’ve booked a race but have to cancel, can I have my deposit back?

If notice is given prior to 14 days before the event date, yes, but within 14 days – no.


I’ve been removed from the track – do I get my money back?

If you have been removed from the track it would have been for a serious safety infringement. As you will have failed to of followed the rules in the safety briefing, no refund will be given for that session. However if you have more passes which will not be used, they can be refunded.


My kart broke down, do I get another go for free?

If you are unfortunate to have a mechanical failure, your kart will be replaced on track, and extra time added to your sessions. If another kart is unavailable, you will be given the option of a refund or replacement session.


Can I hire out the complete track for the day?

Yes, please contact us for options and rates.


Do you offer grand-prix or longer endurance races?

Our normal Formula one race format is suitable for most customers, but if you do want something different, please contact us to discuss.


Can I stand on the track and take photo’s?

No. you may take photos from the spectator area, but are not allowed onto the track.


Can I film with my drone above the track?

No, due to health and safety implications, no drones may be flown above the circuit.


Do you have membership?

Not currently, but membership schemes do run at times. Please see our facebook pages for more details.


Do you have indoor seating?

Yes. Limited indoor seating is available in reception.


Do you have covered viewing area?

The majority of the site is outdoors. Although some covered viewing is available from reception, it is best to dress accordingly to the conditions, and wrap up warm in the colder months.


Where are you?

St Eval, is located between Newquay&padstow just off the coast road. Directions can be found on our find us page.


Are you close to Newquay/padstow?

Yes, we are about 5 or 6 miles from both Newquay & padstow.


Do you sell merchandise?

Yes, we currently offer caps, beanies, and medals.


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